Monday, February 28, 2011


One of the things that Samuel and Joseph like to do when we finish up school is play coach.  Graham and Asher take longer to do their morning work than Samuel.  I like that S & J get this alone time together.  Usually, Samuel gravitates toward the older boys, but when he's given no other option, Jopie is the chosen playmate.  Lately, Samuel is very concerned with Joseph's baseball skills, especially since they are on the same team for Little League.  And Joseph, well, he likes the attention.
Sitting on a bucket, just like Daddy does.

Indoor batting practice at its finest.

One energetic boy ready to play spring ball (notice the golfing glove).
The season starts soon.  Are you ready for baseball picture overload?

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Krista said...

I am ready!
Samuel on the bucket-- priceless.