Friday, February 11, 2011

Photo Friday XX

Don't you love your kids' expressions when they watch television?
They look so sweet and innocent.

In this picture, you can tell just how bad of a haircut his mother gave him.  I fixed that tonight, but we'll see how it looks when he wakes up.  Maybe I made it worse.

He watched Cars for the first time the other night and shrieked with joy for the first 15 minutes.

I think I could stare at those big brown eyes and blonde hair forever.  But he probably won't want me to when he's 13.  Probably won't give me a hundred kisses a day either.  These 2's aren't so terrible after all.


Beth said...

WHAT a cutie-pie! Love your posts and your pictures, Sarah!

Krista said...

He IS adorable. Oh my. I will be VERY sad when he gets the Wolfe cut. Will you???

Anonymous said...

Wow, Sarah, those look like my boyhood pictures! -Bryan