Saturday, February 12, 2011

On Kids & Media. Part 1.

I think we all can agree that the media choices kids have these days are overwhelming.  Absolutely overwhelming.  In my opinion, kids will beg for as much media as you will give them.  But when you say no, and they get bored enough, they WILL do something else.  It WILL be something that is more creative than playing Angry Birds.  And it WILL be more inconvenient for you as a parent.  Just this week, Samuel was pestering me to play a game on my phone.  I had promised him he could play while Asher was getting a cavity filled, but there was a movie on in the dentist's office that he watched instead, so I guess he thought I owed him.  Anyway, I said no.  He whined a little.  I said no again.  Five minutes later he was on the floor playing blocks with his two-year-old brother.  It was messy for me.  It would've been easier for me to hand him my phone.  But it gave me much more joy to see him on the floor with his little brother using his mind and his imagination.  One day, hopefully, he WILL thank me.


Anne said...

Oh, yeah, we face this daily. When I say no I am the worst mom in the world for quite some time. But, yes, we trust that some day they will thank us! :)

Totally OT, but a couple of years ago we were at your house for dinner and you served this amazing cilantro dip. Do you have the recipe and would you be willing to share? I've got a craving for that stuff! :)


Krista said...

Ok, Martha, Rachel, Paula-- whoever you are now--hand over the recipe to Anne, then to me.
Your post- you know I am with you. I bet B has drawn a FOREST of trees because I say no. As he gets older, it is getting harder. I love that we are in this together!