Monday, April 14, 2014

Our "Spring Break" Staycation

As everyone was posting pictures of their family on chairlifts in Colorado or from beaches in Florida, I was feeling mighty jealous.  We didn't take a Spring Break.  Even more than my desire to take a spring break is my desire to be DONE with school.  And I'd rather take a vacation in the summer when the weather is nice.  But I was dying to go somewhere.  So we did, for about 36 hours, plan a little getaway.  We went to Target and bought about $5 worth of water toys, threw our swimsuits in a bag and checked into the hotel.  It was crowded because of Spring Break, but that's okay.  The kids didn't notice and I had fun watching them play in the water for hours at a time.  It wasn't very glamorous but it was just what the spring fever doctor ordered.  The kids didn't even know a lot of their friends had gone to exotic places and they thought their little spring break was "amazing!"

Monday, April 7, 2014

Playin' in the Rain

These pictures are from the fall, but I was reminded to post them because we had such a cold and rainy weekend.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

His First Game and My Last First Game

Well, it happened.  Baby Cry Cry became a baseball player.  And I experienced watching my baby play his very first game.  He's been asking every season if it's his turn to play baseball.  And this year I got to say yes.  It's funny because when the other boys started playing baseball, I thought they were so big.  But when I see Nathan, all I see is a baby in a baseball uniform.  

So Nathan, I'm determined to begin embracing the reality of you not being a baby.  But it doesn't mean that I won't take a million pictures, shed some tears, and kiss you about a hundred times a day.
Those pants have already been worn to by two other brothers.  Can you tell?

Here's to a great season… go Mets!

Monday, March 24, 2014

More Old Family Pictures

My dad's college graduation pic.

And my mom's.

This is my mom bringing my brother home from the hospital.  Doesn't she look great?  She would say it's because she's been throwing up for the 9 months prior to this picture.  The things we do for our children, right?

I love all these pictures taken near the rear end of their cars.  They did own some cool cars in the day.

How about this cool orange Scout?

Hmm.  Overalls, some kind of fanny pack, and dark sunglasses.  Very cool.

That is me as a wee babe with my brother, or course :)

And this is about the only other picture of me by myself as a baby.  I was the second child and no one cared to take a picture of me… it's the truth, but I'm not bitter :)

This was one of my favorite Christmas gifts.

Here is another pic from my infant hood.  

Can you tell my mom cut my hair?

She did, maybe with a bowl.

Another bowl cut.

This is me with my dad's parents, Ralph and Elsie.

These pictures make me think that Nathan looks like me, just a little bit.

This is a classic picture of my brother and me.

I love this photo… so excited to show my grandparents how I could walk.  As a side note, I'm pretty sure my grandma was about my age in this picture.  

This is us with my mom's mom whom we now call GiGi.  

This is the classic "we are at church" picture, complete with "hello my name is" name tags.

And this may be the most classic shot of all.  We all have our prime.
I think this must have been my parent's prime.  So cool.  So hip.

Thanks for walking with me down memory lane.