Monday, April 30, 2012

Easter Recap

 We began the morning with Easter baskets.
The boys had already received so much Easter candy earlier in the week... so they got gum and a movie.  I had been wanting to collect some good shows to watch for him.  We have lots of movies that we don't watch anymore... like Thomas and Winnie the Pooh.  As a side note, I'm so sad they don't watch these any more.  It's the end of an era.  Even though Nathan is still 3, he only wants to watch what the bigger kids do.  I miss Winnie the Pooh and Thomas.

 First attempt.

 Second attempt.  Notice Cry Cry.  Lately, he grabs some book from the house, tucks it under his arm, and says, "I've got my Bible."

If you're wondering where Asher was, he felt sick and so he and I stayed home from church.  He went back to bed for 3 hours, woke up and felt fine.  I think he was just worn out.

 The James family have had us over for Easter every year since we've been married.  They are such a blessing!

The food is yummy. 

The kids have a blast.  My two are in heaven sitting with these two older boys. 

Sweet girls. 

Yummy, festive desserts. 

Easter egg hunt that even the big kids get in to... thanks to the $5 golden egg.

And the Easter play.  Daboo has to find parts for all these kids.  And costumes.  It's no easy task. 

Essie makes a prettier angel than Asher did last year.

Another good year.  
Thanks Cappy and Daboo, for hosting!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Baseball Pics

Baseball is in full swing.
And the boys are loving it.

He says he loves playing first base the most.

He still loves playing pitcher.

And wherever else his daddy (the coach) puts him.

It's fun to watch these 2 on the same team again.

Jopie's a Giant.

Fun to see him play the position his brother used to play.

Until he gets hit in the face... but he was a tough guy.
Sort of.

Post game smile.

Graham is a Cub.  It's harder to get pictures of him because his field is bigger and fenced in such a way that it's hard to get my camera in there to get pics.  Some day soon, I'll get some good ones of him.

It's only the middle of April.  Baseball has only just begun.  The nights at the ballpark have been pleasant thus far.  Temps in the 70's and 80's.  

Even Cry Cry has a good time watching his brothers.  He almost always asks, "Do I have a game?"  I have to tell him no, but that he will get to play soon.  He can hardly wait.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sheet Rock, Insulation, and Bible Verses

One day, we showed up and the sheet rock was lying in big stacks in the living room.

Sitting all pretty in the sulight.
This is in the boy's room.

As a side note, if you come visit, this will be your bathtub.

Then they insulated.  It's amazing how different the house sounded.  When I talked, and it was like the sound would stop right after it came out of your mouth.  Strange.

Some insulation was white.  Some was yellow.  I'm not sure what the reasoning is.

Unfortunately, we didn't get to write on the walls until after they hung the sheet rock.  There was only a few places with exposed wood.  I was a little sad about this.  I had such good intentions, but life got the better of me.  During the day, there were workers there, and our evenings are so full.  Even on this night, we got there just before sunset... after a baseball game, of course.

I was losing light so most of these were blurry.

Asher writing on our pantry door. 

Sweet little hands.

Samuel could have done this for hours.

He's always been a precise and patient writer.

I love this verse.  Such a good one to consider when pondering the attitude you want in your home.
Thank you for all of your wonderful suggestions.  I only wish we would have had time to do more.

Happy Wednesday!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Cousin Week 2012

It all started at a baseball game.  Grandpa, Grandma, Mary and Elsa drove all the way from Minnesota and arrived at the ballpark just in time to watch Graham play.
Jopies' eyes show his excitement.

So happy to be together.

The ballpark is even more fun with your cousins.

This is how Nathan stays for most of the time, right by Grandpa.

Very sweet.

We had to visit Railhead.  This was after a day at the pool so there were some sunburned faces.

These two look like cousins, yes?  Look at Elsa's pretty blue eyes.

A little car project.

Graham especially loves these.

Remember the tornados in Dallas/Fort Worth.  We planned to go to the zoo that day, but never made it.  We played in the rain instead.

They had a blast splashing around.

Even him.

The water was rushing in here.  A fun place to be.
They all took showers when they were done.

Bryan and Tess came mid-week, and it was fun to show them through the house.  It made us all excited for their next visit, when we will actually have a bed for everyone.  

We celebrated Elsa and Mary's 11th birthday.  During this picture, Elsa is 11 and Mary is 10.  They are 4 minutes apart, so we had to snap that photo fast.

We went out and around Fort Worth that night.  We ended up at Barnes and Noble.

I was pregnant with Graham (but didn't know it) when Mary and Elsa were born.  They are 8 months apart.

Pretty cupcakes.

Smiling faces when we sang, "Happy Birthday."

Love the joy.

The last day they spent playing and swimming.

Cry Cry spent much of the week with these goggles on.

Not sure why, but isn't he cute?

And it ended with a baseball game.

Cheering on the Red Sox!

Already can't wait until next year!
What will Cousin Week 2013 hold?