Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Baseball Pics

Baseball is in full swing.
And the boys are loving it.

He says he loves playing first base the most.

He still loves playing pitcher.

And wherever else his daddy (the coach) puts him.

It's fun to watch these 2 on the same team again.

Jopie's a Giant.

Fun to see him play the position his brother used to play.

Until he gets hit in the face... but he was a tough guy.
Sort of.

Post game smile.

Graham is a Cub.  It's harder to get pictures of him because his field is bigger and fenced in such a way that it's hard to get my camera in there to get pics.  Some day soon, I'll get some good ones of him.

It's only the middle of April.  Baseball has only just begun.  The nights at the ballpark have been pleasant thus far.  Temps in the 70's and 80's.  

Even Cry Cry has a good time watching his brothers.  He almost always asks, "Do I have a game?"  I have to tell him no, but that he will get to play soon.  He can hardly wait.


Sally said...

I've got a lens for you to borrow to get those photos of Graham. Seriously. Come pick it up to your next game. It's a 70-200mm. And on your camera it will be even closer/more zoomed in.

Elma said...

so cute those boys of yours!!!

Sarah said...

They look like complete naturals already!

Krista Sanders said...

Great pictures!! Your boys are naturals. Makes me sad it’s almost over.