Monday, April 30, 2012

Easter Recap

 We began the morning with Easter baskets.
The boys had already received so much Easter candy earlier in the week... so they got gum and a movie.  I had been wanting to collect some good shows to watch for him.  We have lots of movies that we don't watch anymore... like Thomas and Winnie the Pooh.  As a side note, I'm so sad they don't watch these any more.  It's the end of an era.  Even though Nathan is still 3, he only wants to watch what the bigger kids do.  I miss Winnie the Pooh and Thomas.

 First attempt.

 Second attempt.  Notice Cry Cry.  Lately, he grabs some book from the house, tucks it under his arm, and says, "I've got my Bible."

If you're wondering where Asher was, he felt sick and so he and I stayed home from church.  He went back to bed for 3 hours, woke up and felt fine.  I think he was just worn out.

 The James family have had us over for Easter every year since we've been married.  They are such a blessing!

The food is yummy. 

The kids have a blast.  My two are in heaven sitting with these two older boys. 

Sweet girls. 

Yummy, festive desserts. 

Easter egg hunt that even the big kids get in to... thanks to the $5 golden egg.

And the Easter play.  Daboo has to find parts for all these kids.  And costumes.  It's no easy task. 

Essie makes a prettier angel than Asher did last year.

Another good year.  
Thanks Cappy and Daboo, for hosting!


Angie said...

Love the Easter play--great costumes! Beautiful photos!

Sarah said...

Love seeing pictures of your sweet family. Miss all of you so much!!!

Laura said...

would love to hear the other movies you bought:) always need good boy ideas!!

Sarah said...

Laura, I bought Leave it to Beaver, The Jetsons (this is the favorite so far), The Muppets Season 1, Looney Toons Tom and Jerry from the $5 sections, and The Little Rascals. I've really enjoyed Leave it to Beaver... it's truly funny. Little Rascals is more for older kids. My bigger ones enjoyed the Muppets more than the little ones. Does that help? Love reading your blog! Wish I was there to help out from time to time :)

Krista Sanders said...

l’ll swap you Dick Van Dyke for Leave it to Beaver! ; )
Great memories of Easters together. Glad to get to spend them with you!

TJ Wilson said...

you know I love seeing these pics. And Rothwell - join us next year!!