Monday, April 25, 2011

He is Risen!

He is risen indeed!
This was the first Easter my boys have ever had Easter baskets.  I know, isn't that awful?  I don't why I've never done it before.  It seemed overwhelming.  They all got a book from Half-Price Books and some random candy.  It was fun to pick out books that fit their personalities.

A handsome crew.

Love Cry Cry's face of JOY here.

He held on to his basket most of the day.

After church, we headed over to continue our celebration with friends.  This is a tradition.  Our first Easter together, Graham was 4 months old.  Daboo (Mrs. James) went to great lengths organizing the kiddos in an Easter play.  She's incredible.  She even made them costumes.  My kids were anticipating it all week.

These tomb guards look pretty fierce.

Aren't the costumes great?  They look like they could be Jesus' disciples.

We had to have more than 2 Mary's.  But aren't they precious?

This "Mary" decided to be shy.

The narrators.

Saved the best for last.  Gabriel.  Doesn't Asher look pretty in white fluffy feathers?
[I'm seeing this photo in his wedding video]

All the kids did such a nice job.

Take a bow.

All the kids.

The girls.

Thanks Cappy and Daboo for adopting all of us into your family every Easter!


nikki said...

such good memories....thanks for getting a pic of shy mary in action:) your boys looked so handsome on easter morning!

TJ Wilson said...

their first Easter with baskets?! no wonder they held onto them all afternoon! love the photos - loved our day together.

Krista Sanders said...

Leader of the Pack- I’m with you-- LOVE NATHAN’s little face in that stair step picture!! JOY! PURE!
Noisy girl-- another reason you’ve kept that dress all these years
Blogless friend--- why oh why does your foot have to be so small??....Your Toms are darling. Meant to say it all day!

The Mitchell Family said...

This is so fun! I can't believe how much your little "Cry Cry" looks like you in these pictures, Sarah!