Monday, April 4, 2011

I'm back with a blast from the past.

It's been awhile.  My family was just in town.  Highlights of all that later.  But suffice it to say adding 6 people to our 3 bedroom house made for non-stop chaos fun around here.

On to other things ...
Let's start off with this glorious photo.

I have vivid memories of feeling pretty on this particular night.
Wow.  I'm not sure what to call that shade of blue.
Chris likes to make fun of me and my college years.  While he went to super cool sorority and fraternity parties, I was touring the country with the Women's Concert Choir at the Moody Bible Institute.  We definitely would not have clicked had we met during those years.

Especially since I had such large, thick eyebrows.
Notice the scrunchy on top of my head.  Remember those.  I had them in so many cool colors.
Erin, Brooke, Katherine ... remember talking like this for hours on the bus?

Why am I showing you these pictures?
Last week, the Moody Men's Collegiate Choir was in town for their spring tour.  I couldn't miss the opportunity to expose the boys to some Moody culture.  The men sang wonderfully.  I got to stand up in the middle of the concert as a Moody alumni (the boys thought that was really cool).  The MMCC guys were so genuine and sweet to the boys after the concert.  We bought their CD and the boys have listened to it as they fall asleep every night since.  Home school.  They don't even know that's not normal.  They talk about the songs like they're top 40 hits.

I asked the driver on our way into the concert if we could go inside the bus.  I knew the boys would like it.  Wouldn't it be fun if they ended up in a Moody choir one day?  [No choir jokes, Chris]  I would be proud if they did.


nic said...

i have pretty much that exact same choir dress in the most delightful (read: hideous) shade of magenta. but oh, the memories!

ps a few years later they finally changed it up to black velvet. i don't know whether to laugh or cry that we were the last of a long string of 80's poufed taffeta. :)

Sara said...

Sarah Bademan Wolfe, I love your walk down memory lane. Really, you and Chris should compare notes on how many people you stay connected with from college, and how many he does . . . that may tip the balance on who had the better college experience. (And yes, I think you'll win. And don't forget to count me amongst your Normandale college friends, right?)

TJ Wilson said...

i'd be proud with you!

Krista Sanders said...

!!!! Electric blue !!!!!! Your sweet face hasn’t changed a bit.
We’d all go see your boys sing!!

The Mitchell Family said...

Ha, I love this! When I was in elementary school, the very conservative school I went to always had the Moody Bible Institute come talk to us. That and Pensacola Christian College. Not many people know these school exist. :) I laughed out loud about the top 40 comment. So funny!