Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring Break

We've never officially taken a Spring Break until this year.  My entire family (Grandpa, Grandma, Uncle Bryan, Aunt Tess, Mary, and Elsa) came to visit us.  The weather did NOT cooperate.  Our one week of cold spring weather came that week.  We wore jeans, long sleeves and coats most of the week.  Bummer seeing that they came all the way from Minnesota to bask in the "warmth" of Texas.

Despite the weather, we all had a great time.
 The school table looked like this all week.
Lots of art projects.

Cry Cry loved playing "baby" with Aunt Tess.

I think Aunt Tess liked it too.

I got to take these cute girls out for breakfast.

Mary's more a pancake girl.

We made a trek to the mall to get Mary & Elsas' ears pierced.
The boys enjoyed the whole experience.  Watching their cousins voluntarily inflict pain on themselves was very entertaining.  Asher said he's glad that he's not a girl because he doesn't want to get his ears pierced or birth a baby.  Smart boy.

These two learned how to rollerblade.

This was our menu for intermission for a play they had planned.

Pick up sticks anyone?

Mary & Elsa were great spectators at Graham & Asher's game.
There were rumors that some boy on the team thought they were cute.  
Oh no.  Is THAT starting already?

These two were quite the rollerblading pair.

The last day it warmed up.  Finally.

All of us were outside right away in the morning, in our PJ's.

I meant to take some cute cousin pictures.  But that would've required us to take showers and get dressed in regular clothes.  And we didn't quite get to that.  Maybe next time.

We did get around to building rockets.
Thanks to Uncle Bryan wanting to relive his childhood.

More on this later, b/c the launching was pretty fabulous. 

Thanks, Bademans, for driving ALL the way down 35 to see us.
We love you!


Tess Bademan said...

We love you guys, too! I'm glad you were able to do a rocket launch -- wish we could have seen it. Tell the boys that their cousins miss them lots already.

Krista Sanders said...

OH, these pictures!! Reminds me of the weekend I just had. Breakfast?- Yogi’s? Loved the snack menu- I see the value was put on the sugar. Bryan! May be the first picture I have ever seen.