Friday, April 8, 2011

Photo Friday {Mandy & Jesse}

Wedding bells are about to ring for Mandy and Jesse.
I volunteered to take their engagement pictures because they are trying to stick to a budget.
It's a strange thing.  Taking pictures of people who do exactly what you tell them to do, who hold still, and who have a never-ending amount of patience.  I'm so used to taking pictures of my kids.  This was a whole new world.
(this is where they always sit in church)
You know you have a quality couple when they want most of their pictures to be taken at church.
I'm still getting to know Jesse (and think he's wonderful), but I've thought Mandy was an old soul since I met her in her very early 20's.  
Whenever there's a way to serve, she's the first to volunteer.
She doesn't need to be noticed.  She's hard working.  I especially like her because she's a nurse and we can talk about dressing changes and catheters over dinner and it doesn't bother either of us.  
I could go on and on.

But suffice it to say, Jesse found himself a good woman.
Inside and out [Isn't she gorgeous?].

These were taken at the spot where he first told her that he loved her.
Lots of giggles reliving the moment.

Congrats guys!


Stephanie said...

Hey Sarah! This is Stephanie {Gaston/Nolen!} I saw your link on facebook and just had to tell you that I love your blog! AND I love these pictures! I've been so excited to see them ever since Mandy told me you were taking them! So cute!

Anonymous said...

These are such beautiful pictures! We are so proud of Jesse and so happy for him and Mandy! She is an answer to his grandparents' prayers for a godly woman for him to marry! Thanks for your wonderful work! - Michael & Suzette Minton, Jesse's grandparents

Niki said...

Great photos Sarah. Way to go!

Krista Sanders said...

Great pics Sarah! Sweet couple. My favorite one is them on the bench and YES isn’t it strange to take pics of people who OBEY????