Wednesday, April 27, 2016

A General Post About December

There's something magical about December.  It might be my favorite month of the year, or at least my favorite winter month of the year.
We did our normal "putting up Christmas."  It gets faster and faster because the boys have it down to a science.  They divide the ornaments and put them up in a jiffy.  Then we do hot chocolate and freshly-baked cookies.

Nathan always gets to put up the star.

There was some reading by the Christmas tree.

And cookie making... 

... in the midst of homework.

We made it down to see Santa.

Nathan brought his lengthy list for Santa to see.

I just love their sweet faces in these.

Some pretty handsome boys.

He drew his list.

Fourteen and Eleven

I don't think this emotion will ever change.  I don't think I'll ever feel old enough for my children to be as old as they are.  I KNOW I am old enough, but I'm just not sure I'll feel that way.  Wasn't I just in junior high myself?  What can I say about Graham?  He's really growing up.  He's forever been an old soul, but now I'm beginning to see how that old soul will soon one day become a man.  We're proud of him in so many ways... for how he's adjusted to a new school, for his responsibility and work ethic, for his heart for knowing the truth in Scripture, and for keeping us updated with what's going on in politics.  You are truly loved by all of us.

Samuel is growing up too.  His birthday is December 31 and always gets to share his birthday with New Year's Eve.  This year the Sartains came to help us celebrate and we rang in the New Year with burrito bowls and chocolate chip cookie cake.  Oh, and a rousing game of Catch Phrase.

New Year's selfie and happy birthday, Samuel!

Monday, April 25, 2016

Christmas 2015, Part 2

So we drove away from Winter Park and sadly made our way down the mountains.
We loved the hotel we stayed at on the way up, so we stayed there again.  Did you know Drury Inn and Suites has a free happy hour along with a free continental breakfast??  Chris and I each got two free drink coupons, but we don't really drink so the kids got to have Shirley Temples.  Then they have a plethora of other food... a salad bar, soups, baked potato bar, PLUS lots of kid-friendly options like hot dogs and nachos with bright yellow cheese.  The kids swam and ate dinner.  It was great to relax after three long days of skiing.  Seth and Kelsey came and hung out with us for a bit.  So great to see them :) 
We then decided to head to Lubbock and crash Papa and Tandy's house on Christmas Eve.  I didn't have time to prepare for Christmas before we left to ski, so it was either go home to an empty house (with no food or presents and all the stores closed) or go to Papa and Tandy's.  The choice was obvious.  Chris dropped me off at Walmart in Amarillo and I got all the things for stockings with the other last-minute Christmas Eve shoppers.  It was actually really fun.

We got into Lubbock and saw the 8:00 PM Star Wars.  Such a fun memory.  Except I'm still sad about Han.

It was our first time to spend the night in their new house.  So lovely.  A perfect place to spend Christmas.
The kids woke up to their usual cereal in the tree.  It's STILL exciting and I love that

Nathan eyeing the "stockings."  Santa said he put their stuff in these bins so it would be easy to travel home with them ;)

He's always voted the most enthusiatic.

Like father, like son.  White t-shirt, legs crossed.

The best gift for a reader!

Papa is known for his messages written in Sharpie.

Some are rather elaborate.

We ended the day watching The Christmas Story. 

Thanks, Papa & Tandy, for loving us well.  You saved our Christmas!