Saturday, April 23, 2016

Christmas 2015, Part 1

It was early December and Chris and I were out shopping by ourselves.  We still didn't have our definite plans for Christmas.  The boys had a fairly significant break from school.  Chris had always wanted to take the boys skiing.  I'm more of a killjoy, always coming up with an excuse to NOT go. 

It's expensive... one of the kids will break something... More likely, one of us will break something that requires surgery... We will get there and spend our time being sick... etc, etc.

On a whim, I texted my brother and sister-in-law and asked them if they wanted to join us on the Young Life ski trip.  Kind of a "if you go, we'll go" thing.  And much to our surprise, they shot back with a "we've always wanted to go skiing too.  Let's do it!"

I spent the next couple of weeks gathering ski stuff for our family of seven non-skiiers.  We had lots of winter stuff from our time in Minnesota, and sweet friends loaned us some ski goggles and masks. It wasn't as hard as I anticipated, but I can't say it was easy either.  Skiing requires lots of accessories!

So we finished up school, and the very next morning hopped in our ever-crowded mini-van (although, not to pat myself on the back-but I will-we don't have a car topper and you can still see out the back window ;)
We drove to Colorado Springs the first night.  The kids love traveling... they are all at such great ages to go places and do things.

Only in Texas rest areas.

Stopping in the middle of nowhere to stretch.

Mountains of Colorado Springs.  SUCH a different landscape than Texas.

We got up to Winter Park in no time the next day and did some sledding.  Our coats were still packed but the boys didn't care.  Seeing the snow was way too exciting!

The rest of these pictures are in no particular order.  No time for that!
The view up the slopes.  It's like being in a whole different world, a Narnia paradise.  All is quiet and peaceful and covered in fresh snow.

Chris and I went on a 30 minute date on the last day.  Strolling through Winter Park, getting a cup of hot coffee and a crepe... it was such a treat!

We stopped at Beau Joes on the way up the mountains and on the way down.  So yummy!  And full of character.

Hotel fun.

Little skiers

This was our first run as a family.  The kids took lesson on the first day.  We picked them up and this was the only run we skied all together.  We conquered this green!

The food at the YL camp was fabulous, especially this dessert.

We rode the gondola over the slopes every day.  A definite highlight.

My parents were able to join us as well.  My mom is a card playing champion.

I'm not a fan of selfies.  But I AM a fan of chairlift selfies.  As a side note, I bet they find a million phones underneath the chairlift when the snow melts.

Outside Beau Joes

The cutest skiing tribe.

I bought the kids Hanes sweatpants to wear under their snow pants and Joseph declared them "the most comfortable pants in the world."  He is a man after my own heart.

We got to meet my cousin and his wife up on the slopes one day.  So fun!

He likes the mountains.

After three consecutive days of skiing, this is how he felt at about 3:00.  I felt the same way.  Exhausted but happy.

Tess and Mom held down the fort at the chalet.  Tess knitted... 

And my parents saved us boatloads of money by going to the grocery and having our lunch for us.

One of the great things about the trip was getting to experience YL club.  Although it also made me feel very old.

Me and the boys

All of us, just before we hopped in the car to head home.
Colorado, you were good to us.

It was December 23 and we weren't quite sure where we were headed. 

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