Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Fourteen and Eleven

I don't think this emotion will ever change.  I don't think I'll ever feel old enough for my children to be as old as they are.  I KNOW I am old enough, but I'm just not sure I'll feel that way.  Wasn't I just in junior high myself?  What can I say about Graham?  He's really growing up.  He's forever been an old soul, but now I'm beginning to see how that old soul will soon one day become a man.  We're proud of him in so many ways... for how he's adjusted to a new school, for his responsibility and work ethic, for his heart for knowing the truth in Scripture, and for keeping us updated with what's going on in politics.  You are truly loved by all of us.

Samuel is growing up too.  His birthday is December 31 and always gets to share his birthday with New Year's Eve.  This year the Sartains came to help us celebrate and we rang in the New Year with burrito bowls and chocolate chip cookie cake.  Oh, and a rousing game of Catch Phrase.

New Year's selfie and happy birthday, Samuel!

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