Thursday, October 28, 2010

Photo Friday XVII: Super Saturday

Well, life has gotten away from us these last weeks.  I have lots of new photos to share, but for now let me tell you about our Saturday a couple weeks ago.  It was a special day of baseball games and weddings... what a combination.  Some special friends came to Jopie & Samuels' game.  Let's just say the boys were no less than thrilled when these two showed up.  Rebecca & Diana worked at Kanakuk while we were there.  They are practically celebrities in the eyes of our boys.  Diana (left) now lives in Fort Worth, and now we get to run into her at Target every now and then.  Rebecca came to see us during her fall break from Baylor.  Let me tell you, there are not many girls who get on the floor of your playroom and play with your kids. Thank you, Rebecca & Diana, for loving on our boys!

So excited to have them in their world.

This smile didn't stop all day long.  Rebecca came ready to cheer in her Orioles shirt.

Group photo.

On to the wedding of Rhiannon & Ben.  They are a Calvary Bible Church match made in heaven.  It was so sweet to witness their God-honoring ceremony.

It was the most kid-friendly wedding I have ever been too, complete with lunch bags ready for the kids when they arrived and story time for all the littles there.  Who is that kid with the Indians hat at a wedding?  That is so tacky.

Nathan obviously enjoyed the food.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Photo Friday XVI: Jopie's underwear.

There is something special about watching your children sleep.  First of all, the fact that they are sleeping means that there may actually be some brain activity going on in my head.  Second, they look angelically good.  And third, it always reminds me of when they were a baby.  There is something about their sleeping face that remains the same.  I look at them and wonder how in the world they got so big.  Joseph's infanthood will forever be etched in my memory.  He was perfect.  And I enjoyed every moment of it.  He made me feel like such a good mother.  So now that he is almost four, I can hardly look at these pictures without tearing up.  And then I laugh because of how he insists on wearing his underwear backwards so they go up his little rear.  He is sweet.  He is funny.  Sweet dreams, Jopie!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Photo Friday, I mean, Monday XVI: The Youngest Wolfe

And now he is 2.  We had a couple of different things the evening of his birthday, so his party consisted of cupcakes at 9:00.  Earlier in the day, we all went to Target and got a few new toys for him (poor thing gets everything used!).  The boys were so excited to pick things out just for him.  Asher spent part of his own birthday money getting him a little book about trucks, and it was his favorite present.  These are such sweet times in our family.  I love getting to celebrate these milestones with my boys.

Even a little Cry Cry on his birthday.

I love this face (so sad to get a fat lip on your birthday).

Those brown eyes and blonde hair.

He is VERY loved by his brothers.

His mysterious look.

I love you, Cry Cry.  You have added much flavor and noise to our family.  
Happy Birthday!