Monday, October 4, 2010

Photo Friday, I mean, Monday XVI: The Youngest Wolfe

And now he is 2.  We had a couple of different things the evening of his birthday, so his party consisted of cupcakes at 9:00.  Earlier in the day, we all went to Target and got a few new toys for him (poor thing gets everything used!).  The boys were so excited to pick things out just for him.  Asher spent part of his own birthday money getting him a little book about trucks, and it was his favorite present.  These are such sweet times in our family.  I love getting to celebrate these milestones with my boys.

Even a little Cry Cry on his birthday.

I love this face (so sad to get a fat lip on your birthday).

Those brown eyes and blonde hair.

He is VERY loved by his brothers.

His mysterious look.

I love you, Cry Cry.  You have added much flavor and noise to our family.  
Happy Birthday!


nikki said...

happy birthday nay-nay! the anderson's love you!

TJ Wilson said...

wow he's adorable. and very loved by the wilsons!

JenVick said...

He is such a doll! You guys have the cutest kids!!!

kailey said...

You have the cutest boys! We love getting to see all the pictures of them.

-Kailey B.

Krista said...

Can I borrow some money from Asher?

Love the pictures and Happy Birthday, Nathan- really late!

Tarrah said...

happy birthday nathan! your girlfriend, jovie.

Tarrah said...

happy birthday nathan! your girlfriend, jovie.