Monday, April 9, 2012

Blue and Yellow... and I'm back

I took an unexpected sabbatical from blogland.  I rarely have times in my life where I barely have time to do anything but survive.  I'm pretty good at keeping life around here manageable.  I like down time at home.  That's maybe what I like most about home schooling.  Even though our evenings are full, we have time built into our days to simply be as a family.  That's when I find time to blog, when the boys are reading or napping in the afternoon.

Well, this past month, the house has been busy, busy, busy.  Add on baseball schedules for 3 teams, just a few church responsibilities, and my whole family here last week, and you can only imagine the circus at our house.  I'm grateful all this craziness is because of good things.  We were able to take a month spring break (another benefit of home schooling... it flexes).

When my family was here, I made the trek to Ikea.  Or should I say, my parents watched 7 kids for the day so I could go to Ikea.  I got there before it opened and waited outside the door until 9:30 when it's open for 99 cent breakfast.
Something cheery about the bright blue and yellow in the morning.

My breakfast, with coffee.  All for 99 cents.  Sorry about the tilted picture.

Notice the new chair colors.  And how fun are those orange drawers.  The bottom drawer is a file cabinet.

Above is my kitchen sink.  More chair colors.  I'm thinking that little sink may look good in my island.
And shaker cabinet style.

We may do a sectional in the playroom.  Which style do you like better?  The fabrics would be different, so don't let that influence you.  One is more modern (and would show all the toys underneath it).  One if more traditional (and would hide all the dust bunnies).  I'm torn.

Contemplating these for the office.  I would love a room full of books with a couple of comfy chairs.  Those glass cabinets would be fun on top.

I was admiring these because they're cheap and was wondering if the boys needed a little desk or two in the school area.  Right now, we all sit at a table for school.  But as the older boys get older, and their work becomes more independent, I wonder if they might focus better at a desk that faced the wall.  Not for everything, but while they do their independent work.  Any thoughts?  Especially from you wise moms who are a little further down the road than me?  

Overall, it was a wonderful luxury to have a day to slowly walk through Ikea.  It was fun to think toward the post-construction phase of the house.  I arrived at 9:30 and didn't leave until 1:00, after I had lunch for $1.00 (the Friday special was a hot dog and soda for a buck).  

Then I hit the appliance store and got a good deal on an ice maker.  Overall, a productive day.
More on house progress, Cousin Spring Break 2012, and baseball soon.  

Happy Monday, everyone!


Angie said...

I love IKEA! And so much fun to plan out your new house. Personally, I like the modern looking couch better. But I really don't like the toy/dust factor. Could you just not put the wood blocks on so that it's flush with the floor...or would that make it too low? And I love all that orange! I was looking at that small desk for my room:)

Sally said...

So excited for you guys!! How fun to be in the home stretch. Can't wait to see the finished house!

And I don't think there's a wrong answer for the couch... but I think I like the modern one better.

Simple Sanity said...

Our house is filled with IKEA. We bought the "modern look sectional" for our family room, only at Costco. I like my couch but you are catching me on a cleaning day so I'm going to be honest. I hate the dust bunnies and stuff that collects under there. Every time I swiffer under it, I find myself muttering unpleasant things under my breath. If I were to do it again, I would probably not pick something that is 4" off the ground and open.

Darcy said...

Just found your blog! Love it! I'm having fun reading. I have four kids that I homeschool. 13,11,7, and 1. My older two each have a desk in their room that they flee to for the quiet independent work. We have a big table in the school room. This works best. I think I have tried every combo available and purchased and sold on Craigslist about a billion times :)

Krista Sanders said...

Oh girl... you are doing so well with all this shopping! I am anxiously awaiting seeing it ALL put TOGETHER!!

I couldn’t help but notice the chairs--the spinning ones. I have no idea if you are considering them for school desks but if you are, can I offer my humble opinion?

; )