Friday, April 13, 2012

Instagram {Embrace the Camera}

Errands... the older the kids get, and the more activities they have, the more time we spend in this small space called a minivan.
Do you love Instagram as much as I do?

I started out using it just to edit my iphone pics, and slowly have found a few friends out there who use it.  Plus a few blogging friends I like to follow.  I promise it's fun, and it doesn't just have to be for teens.  I hope to, one day, in all my spare time (like maybe when I'm in the nursing home) print out my Instagrams and make a little book.  That would be easy enough using a website like this.  But does anyone know of a cheaper option?  Costco's smallest square print is an 8x8 inch size, and that's a little bigger than I want.  Or doesn't this look fun too?  You can make your Instagrams into magnets.  I'd love any Instagram printing tips you might have.

Follow me on Instagram.  My username is packofwolfes.  It's a new account (changing it over to my blog name), so there's just a few pics on it right now.


Liz said...

pics: has nice books, not too pricey, lots of good deals for small booklets (you can almost always find a deal where you don't pay for shipping OR you only pay for shipping and get free product. Not usually a good deal for just prints.

mpix also has professional quality pics, tons of variety of products and magnets for only 2.99. A lot of photographers use them.

Krista Sanders said...

Really. Great. Picture!!
Great memory.