Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Asher's Recipe.

 Asher's been asking and asking to make a recipe he made up in his sweet little brain.  Finally, there was a good time to do it this weekend.  He was so excited.
He melted 2 cubes of white almond bark.  Then he added a little cinnamon.

Next he sliced an apple into 10 slices and then peeled them (well, I peeled them).  He dipped the apple slices in the cinnamon almond bark.  Then chopped up the insides of the apples into little tiny pieces and put them on top of the still wet almond bark.

They look like this.  Certainly wouldn't be the first thing I'd choose on a dessert platter.

But I'll have to admit.

Samuel agreed.

They were pretty tasty.
Samuel took this picture.  He did a good job, except it focused on my knuckles.  I know you've always wanted to see my knuckles a little closer.  So here you go.
Now go make your cinnamon almond bark apple skin boats.

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Krista said...

Love your knuckles.