Saturday, February 5, 2011

Because of me.

I think that all this winter weather in north Texas is because of my "Ode to Snow" blog entry last week.  When I wrote it, I wasn't really thinking we would get snow at all this year.  We don't normally.  I'd like to think it was all because of me.  Ask and you shall receive.  Thursday night, we had the perfect snow, light and fluffy, about 4 inches.  Some friends invited us over for sledding.  It ended up being quite the impromptu party.

Nothing better than cold weather and hot coffee.

Jopie having fun getting the ice off the car.

The top of the sledding hill, which was really a street.

Cry Cry having a blast.

These were some good dads, having fun with the kids.

Sweet Josh.

He hung in there and stayed out there just as long as the big boys.  It must be because he was born in Minnesota.

Jonathan ready for his ride.

Didn't Chris do a good job taking pictures?  George wins "most creative hat" award.

Damon wins "most smiley while sledding" award.

He smiles while he sleds too, just like his dad.

Brothers having fun.

Caleb LOVES the snow.

Love how you can see the snow coming down in this one.

Not so sure about this.

Ahh.  A nice warm lunch.

View from the kitchen.  Their house held all of us without even feeling crowded.  Love it.

Most of the crew.

Afterwards, the big boys headed down to see ESPN downtown Fort Worth.  They made their way to the front of the crowd and got on camera.  Now they think they are movie stars!

What are you doing for the Super Bowl tomorrow?


Krista said...

Love these! My favorite is the picture of YOU!! Thanks for the snow, Sarah!

thethomfamlee said...

Love all the pictures! It was a blast yesterday! Thanks for coming and filling my house with lots of joys and memories.

Niki said...

I love the pic of you! The kids still talk about the memorable, dangerous, amazing sledding at the college in MN. I am glad we were in the warm house, not observers of the danger.

The Mitchell Family said...

SARAH!! I found your blog through TJ's and have stayed up until 2:45 AM reading it! :) It's been so great to catch up on your life. I do think my favorite thing in the whole blog is when Asher made the mock baseball stadium for Chris and made one part where the women went to have their babies, so funny! I would LOVE to see you and catch up. I haven't seen you and your brood in forever (I think two of them I have never met!), and I would love for you to meet my little "pack". Ellis 3, Tate 2, and GloryEvelyn 9 months (as of yesterday). :) Though it is late, sometimes it is just sooo nice to have all of this quiet reading time, so thank you. :)

Sarah said...

Grace, I am very much humbled that you stayed up until 2:45 reading my blog. You must have been really hard up for something to read :) Would love to see you and meet your littles!
Amy, we had a blast too!
Krista, yes, Chris took that one (obviously)... he does a good job with my camera!
and Niki, I just told someone about that cold January visit, and how we made it work, and that fact that Claire threw up but no one else got it... a miracle!