Friday, February 25, 2011

Texas Sledding

We went to the TCU baseball game.  Our boys had a blast.
It was a perfect day for baseball.  All 14 innings of it.

Strangely, Cry Cry sat in his stroller for 2 1/2 hours without so much as a peep.  Probably the steady influx of sugar helped.

Papa was in town.

This is Texas sledding.  The brown grass isn't so picturesque, but being able to sit outside for a baseball game in February is worth enduring brown grass.

Some had an easier time than others.

These two are ready for snowboarding.

These two are CUTE!

Asher was thrilled Nathan would ride down with him.

What a good big brother.

Even Papa joined in on the fun.

And then Samuel.

Would you be able to tell they are brothers?  When I look at them here, I'm not so sure.

Just think it's adorable how those little ears poke out when he wears a baseball cap.

Autographs after the game.

However did I become the mother of such a big kid?

Happy weekend.

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