Friday, February 18, 2011

Daddy Bull

We have a very serious game we play around here.
It's called Daddy bull.

Since we went to the rodeo a couple weeks ago, we've played it with more frequency.

The kids love it.

Daddy Bull is very mean and tries to get them off his back.

Someone has to be in charge of the rubber band gun.

The rules are strict.  One hand must be in the air.

Here Samuel is trying to get the bull calmed down before opening the pin.

Can he stay on for 8 seconds?

See the similarities?

Happy weekend y'all!


Ben said...

Love it.

Thai-Casebolt said...

Does he do birthday parties?

sara@augustfields said...

sarah...this is so familiar....although we have not incorporated the one hand only rule. i love it! :) so great that you captured this memory.

Mandy said...

We played that game in my house growing up... only it was called "Bucking Bronco."

Krista said...

This makes me laugh!!! How is Chris' back?????