Sunday, December 5, 2010

25 days of cookies {Cookie #4}: The Chocolate Candy Cane

There are lessons to be learned from making cookies.  Today's lesson:  The prettiest cookies don't taste as good as the "plain jane" ones.  Doesn't this apply to several things in life?  I'll let you interpret that little gem however you like, and move to the cookie:  The Chocolate Candy Cane Cookie.  They're actually very tasty once assembled but the chocolate cookies, themselves, aren't that good.  They're strangely bland. The boys said they tasted funny.  But together with the almond bark and mints, they're delicious.

Pretty, aren't they?

Asher chose this cookie because he wanted to make a "long" cookie, meaning one that had lots of steps.  He's crafty.  And what boy doesn't love a mallet?

Asher made most of the cookie himself.  He's very advanced and will send his application into Harvard when he's 10.


Sweet little hand.

If you come to our house and I serve you a warm drink, I WILL serve it in this mug.  It's Chris' senior picture.  He went with the athlete meets office motif.

Don't you love IKEA napkins?  I have a thing for them.

I found these on the Pioneer Woman's blog.  Here is the link to the recipe.  She explains the whole process much better than I would :)


Julie Ann Fee said...

you know, that is my favorite mug from which to drink in the entire world!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I love your blog and your boys. Your family is awesome and you are a real inspiration! Blessings to the Wolfe Family.