Sunday, December 12, 2010

25 days of cookies {Cookie #11}: Holiday Shortbread

Joseph and I made these yesterday.  These are delicious, easy to make, and pretty too.  I saw these on another blog and immediately wanted to make them.  That is part of why I'm doing this.  I like seeing how other people bake recipes that I have seen my mother and grandmother make, but in different forms.  My husband especially loved these.  They slide right down.  I'd make a double batch if you want them to go a long way.  And if I had to do it over, I'd make my rolls fatter so my cookies were larger.  Did I just say, "I would make my rolls fatter."  I think I did.  Let me rephrase.  I'd increase the circumference of my dough cylinders.  You will understand that more once you read Sarah's (she has such a nice name) recipe.

All dressed up in his Christmas sweater.  Is he not adorable?

Hmm.  Maybe I need to ask for a new cookie sheet for Christmas.

All done.

Here is the link to the recipe.

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