Monday, December 31, 2012


We were supposed to go to Minnesota this Christmas.  But do you see that boy on the right in a sling?  A couple days before we were supposed to leave, we heard him scream and knew something was very wrong.  He's a tough kid.  But when he rounded the corner with his left wrist hanging, we knew it was time for yet another trip to the ER.  Graham's break was worse than Asher's, and so when it came time to travel, he wasn't comfortable enough.  So we stayed.  As a bribe, we treated them to a fun night at a hotel here in town.
We walked through downtown, saw Santa, ate at Five Guys, browsed Barnes and Noble, and took some pictures.

The tree downtown is HUGE, driven by truck all the way from the Northeast.

We headed back to the hotel and let the boys play with their Kindles (Christmas gifts thanks to Papa and Tandy).  See me in the mirror taking the picture :)

The silence was golden.

I love him when he sits like this.

Our friends came to visit us in the lobby.  It was very festive.  There's a Starbucks in the lobby, and lots of fun people were milling around because an NFL team was staying there that night.

Remember Riley.  They still have a sweet relationship.

And an extra bonus, the next morning, Samuel got to meet a certain famous person...
Drew Brees (quarterback for the Saints)

And got his autograph.  The perfect ending to a perfect overnight staycation.


Niki said...

We did a couple hotel nights as well, since we didn't go to Texas : ). So fun. Glad you had the kindles, since it can be a little tricky keeping boys quiet in a hotel room.

Krista Sanders said...

For you, this will always be remembered as the Christmas of the Quiet, I mean, Kindle.....
And maybe Drew for Samuel.