Saturday, December 22, 2012

Yarn-Wrapped Ornaments

 We made these ornaments last week.  I just had to share it with you because it was also the cheapest, easiest, and one of the prettiest craft we've ever done.  I love a bargain.  Even when it comes to crafting.  I spent $4 on yarn at Michaels and cut out the shapes from old cereal boxes.  We ended up making about 10 ornaments, but we had enough yarn left to make about 20 more.  The only other thing you need is a glue gun.
My inspiration was from here.  The directions are on that blog too.  They show you how to make star shaped ornaments.  We chose to do the first letter of their names.

It's a relaxing craft.  I had to assist the kids somewhat, especially with the edges.  They need a little extra glue.  I had them work on them one at a time.

But for the most part, you just stand and wrap.

So proud of his creation.

You can even do it with a broken arm.

Asher chose the manly gray yarn.

Graham chose gray too.

I did Nathan's.  But he was cheering me along from his perch up on the kitchen counter.

Now they're added to our tree... an ornament and a memory.

Hope everyone is enjoying this Christmas weekend with their families.  I wrote this post while watching Princess Bride with our family.  The boys didn't want to watch it at first because they thought it was a "girl movie."  But then they loved it!  It brought back all those junior high memories of watching that movie over and over and over again.  Time is flying.  Graham is about to hit his teenage years.  I'm so thankful for these years of LIFE to celebrate... thankful to God for the gift of these years with all of these boys ;)


Joyce Bademan said...

Love what you are doing with the boys to make Christmas special.

Bloggy Mama said...

This is awesome! We made the star yarn wrapped ornaments from the same source of inspiration (I probably repinned it from you!), but I love the letters idea! That may just be on the list for next year!

Krista Sanders said...

Want to make these. Found it harder to do this kind of thing with school right up until we traveled. VERY CUTE.