Friday, December 14, 2012

A Little Christmas Crafting

We did some crafting the other day.  
Inspiration here.

Here we are prepping.

Basically you put tape on a canvas (which were 40% off at Michaels when I bought them).  And paint the rest of the canvas.  Then remove the tape.  So easy.

I did the tape for Nathan's.  The rest of the boys did theirs themselves.

My very dear friend, Tarrah, was in town.  She took a break from her 4 kids to come be with me and help with my 5.  That's a good friend.  She also made some delicious snickerdoodles while we were crafting.  We had Christmas music playing and cookies baking.  It was lovely.

My four year old did just fine.  The best part is you can't mess it up this craft.  Do your kids have meltdowns when they make a mistake with something permanent like paint?  Mine do, and I love this craft because of that.

Tarrah assisted him.  I loved having a friend in town.  Many hands make light work :)

I let everyone make whatever they wanted, as long as it was Christmasy.

Asher was disappointed because he wanted to do something Texas Rangers.  Life is full of heart aches, and this is one he had to live with.

They picked their own colors.

What in the world?

Nathan's tree.  

Asher's artsy crafty Merry Christmas.

Samuel's tree, modern style

Joseph's tree (I liked his the best, but don't tell the other kids I said that).

I'm a little too cool for this photo sesh.

Or a little too crazy.

Graham's candy cane.

Deciding where to put them around the house.

I landed on putting them up as stairway art.

Now go to Michaels and get some craft supplies.  You'll love this one!


Lori said...

What a fun craft! Good job boys!

Lori said...

What a fun craft! Good job boys!

Rebecca Thomas said...

I like that even though there is tape down, Samuel still didn't paint there! Love you guys!

Chandra said...

Love that Tarrah is there! She is a good friend!!! Good for you friend - crafting!

Leanne {Life Happens When} said...

What a neat idea! I might have to try that with my littles!