Monday, December 17, 2012

Putting Up Christmas 2012

The kids loved decorating the tree last year, and wanted to do it the same way this year.  It's sweet that they remembered.

They wanted to make cookies again.

These two were my fearless helpers.

Our ornaments, for the most part, are very hodge podge.  But as they pulled them out, they talked about their favorites.

The Baylor ornament is always a fav.

The ones they dig for right away are their baby ornaments.  They always laugh because Asher was such a fat baby.

Nathan was such a cry cry.

But look at his sweet face now.

We talk about how Joseph was perfect and never cried.

And how Samuel had a full head of black hair.

And how Graham was very easy and independent as a baby.

I let them put the ornaments on.  This year I didn't even fix them after they were done.  It was good enough.

Asher looking very Christmasy in his green cast and red shirt.

We uncovered our tiny hot cocoa mugs when I unpacked.  We used these all the time in Minnesota after sledding.  They were so excited to use them again.  

The excitement on their little faces.

Our line up :)

Yum!  Cookies and cocoa with whipped cream and marshmallows.

Each year, they get older (and I guess that means I'm getting older too).  I'm especially sentimental about Nathan being such a big boy this year.  These moments are so sweet.  He's four this year, but I wish he were still a little baby, even if he was a cry cry.  I'm treasuring time with my guys this Christmas :)


Sally said...

Super cute. I love this time of year... and that Asher, adorable with his cast. :)

Elma said...

such cute pictures!!! Your home looks amazing!!

Krista Sanders said...

I think I'm coming to your house for Christmas this year! Oh my, girl. Love the baby ornament picture-- and the ones of Nathan and the one of him holding the picture in front of his face! So so cute. So I have to ask, do the boys EVER fight over the ornaments... sometimes it's not such a pleasant job over here. You inspire me to take more pictures...