Monday, December 5, 2011

Putting Up Christmas

The ornaments went on the tree a couple nights ago.  It was a sweet night.  I had several moments that I got teary, the kids were so excited and happy, and full of the perfect dose of innocence.  They took turns hanging the ornaments, delighted with the ones that had special memories.  The older I get, the more I cherish family moments like this.  Soon, the boys will get bigger, and putting up the tree won't be quite as magical for them.  They won't be quite as giddy to hang decorations on the tree together, not because they don't love us anymore, but there is just something about children and Christmas.  These are the days I want to remember.  These are the reasons I can sometimes sense the little old lady at the grocery store look on me with a bit of envy.
There is also something about Christmas that makes you (me at least) miss loved ones that have passed away.  This is a photo of G-Mommie as a little girl.  We all agreed that she passed some of her looks to Samuel.  Do you agree?  I tell stories to the kids of what my grandparent's home was like at Christmastime.  I love to remember.

I did not micromanage their hanging.  They did it all themselves.

Everyone got to help.

Even Nathan, with his new fake smile.

Finding their baby ornaments.

Asher was a bit of a chubby baby.

This picture melts my heart.
Every year, I have to convince Samuel that this is him in the picture.  Makes me laugh.

This picture was their idea.  Graham and Asher had their cameras out, snapping pictures, and wanted to make sure we had one with all the brothers and the Christmas tree.
Can they please stay this age forever?
Treasuring up all these things, and pondering them in my heart.

And then some hot chocolate by candlelight.
Let Christmas begin.


Teresa said...

Ha! The picture of Samuel looked so normal to me :). I love Christmas traditions and the excitement of the kids at Christmas. Since I don't have kids, I just pretend, and I get excited too :)

Susan said...

Hi Sarah! I found you from Sarah mentioning you over at Clover Lane. I love all the traditions of Christmas... and had to be reminded of one last week by my 14 year old- "Momma, we always get the tree on the Thursday a week after Thanksgiving. And today is the day!"..... I wasn't ready, but the tree (and tradition) is beautiful!

nikki said...

sweet post friend- the past pics of the boys bring back lots of memories!!!!

Sarah said...

Laugh the fake smile. He couldn't be cuter if he tried...fake smile or not.

Krista Sanders said...

I eat this sappy stuff up. You are making wonderful memories for your boys. Hope to make one with you all this week!