Thursday, December 1, 2011

Salty, Crafty, and Sweet Christmas {Button Wreath Ornaments}

Craft Day #1 was a success.  Whew!  This was a good one to start with because it's not messy.  No glue, paint, or coloring.  Just assembly and pattern planning.  For those of you who are craft-phobics due to the mess, this one is for you.
And isn't it pretty?  Samuel made this one.  It's nice when a 6 year-old can make something genuinely pretty.  

Materials:  Buttons (72 per ornament), 16 gauge copper wire, ribbon, and wire cutter.  I chose the cheapest buttons.  Each of those little bags were $2, and it's enough to make 8 ornaments.  Wouldn't this be fun to do with some spare or vintage buttons?  I think I'm going to start collecting them.

You tie a knot at the end of the wire like this.

 Joseph had no trouble joining in with us.  I think a 4 year-old could do it too.  They did the button part themselves, then I did the ribbon.  Our stop at Sonic happy hour made our craft time a little more fun.

Sweet little hands.

Samuel was confident in his ornament making.  He finished his first.  His pattern was random and artistic.  Graham stuck with the red-green pattern.  Asher went red, green, then white.  I have a hard time letting the kids do whatever they wanted, but I held my tongue.  After all, it was their craft, not mine.

Excited about their craft.  Unfortunately, they wanted to keep them, not give them away.  We may have to make more if I want some for gifts.

For more detailed instruction, check out Martha's website here.


Chandra said...

LOVE to see the boys CRAFTING! Just another step in preparing them for marriage to the Innes girls!

Lori said...

Yeah!! Are we going to get 25 days of crafty goodness like we got 25 cookies last year? I LOVED that! and this! What a great use for all those buttons I've got lying around.