Friday, December 23, 2011

Salty, Crafty, and Sweet {Bottle Cap Magnets, Paint Swatch Garland, and Stockings}

Our last craft.  I'm glad this one was as simple as it looks, it being Christmas Eve Eve and all.
Sparkly and festive.

This is what you need to buy.

This is the paper we chose to use, although it says to use wrapping paper scraps.

I traced the bottle caps for the boys.

And they cut them out.

And glued them.

They wrapped some for presents.  These were the extras we stuck on the fridge.  
Easy Breezy.  And wouldn't they be cute for Valentine's Day, too?

While the kids worked on their crafts, I made one of my own using these materials.
All I had to buy was needle and thread (I used cross stitch thread, dividing it into 3 strings instead of 6).
The paint swatches were compliments of Home Depot.

Tie a knot at the end and string them together.

I added the garland to the mantle.

Aren't my stockings amazing?  The best part is that my grandmother made them.

This one was made for me when I was a baby.  More years ago than I'd like to admit.

Nathan's currently her youngest great grandchild.  She has knit 30 of these over the years.

Thank you, GiGi.  We treasure them.  They're my favorite part about opening up the Christmas box.

Inspiration for magnets here.
Inspiration for garland here.


Angel said...

Those stockings are amazing! What a treasure to have.

BrookieB said...

Agree..the stocking are really special. My dad has his from childhood and I always thought it was so cook. (Unfortunately, my kids' are a generic felt, but cute anyway!) Such cute crafts! Thanks for all the inspiration and the enjoyment of peeking in over your shoulder at the Wolfe home happenings! Merry Christmas!

Laurie J said...

merry CHRISTmas! <3

meg duerksen said...

i love those stockings SO MUCH!!!