Thursday, December 27, 2012

His Perch

Nathan spends a lot of his day sitting on top of our island.  It starts at breakfast.  While I'm making it, he asks to get up there, and then he eats his breakfast up by me, and has his own little cup of coffee with milk.  Sometimes, he just sits up there for no particular reason.
I think if he were my first child, I would disapprove of this kind of a thing.  But I am treasuring how he wants to be with me.  I know all my boys love me, but as they get older, they want to be physically near you less.  I think, with all that happened this last month, I'm wanting him to stay little forever.  

I'm treasuring his smallness more than with the other boys.  His chubby hands, and little boy voice.

He's my buddy.  If he wants to lay on the counter to be close to where I am... well, that's just fine by me.


Katherine said...

I couldn't agree with you more... I'm cherishing every moment of my boys' smallness, so much more than I did when the girls were their ages. It's so precious and it goes by so fast. Jacob sat on our island and "helped" me cook our entire Christmas Eve dinner! And we both loved it.

Jen said...

love your blog and love this post!!...absolutely feeling the same way with my littlest girl!

Niki said...

I love the perch!

Krista Sanders said...