Monday, October 31, 2011

Joseph's birthday

Jopie turned five last week.
He's a man of simple tastes.  He wanted to eat at Chick Fil A.

So we went there for lunch.

With Papa who happened to be in town on J's special day.

He wanted a remote control car.  And he got one.  Thank you, Papa.

I just like this picture of the boys hanging out.
Chris and his dad were discussing Ranger's baseball, or something like that.  They had gone to the World Series the night before for Game 5.  This was before "pre-game 6 depression."  This was before we knew what terrible things were to come.
Sorry, back to Jopie's bday.... 

[Note to self, if you want cute photos at your 5 year old's birthday party, don't serve fruit punch]
For the last month, whenever I would ask Joseph who he wanted at his birthday party, his answer was the same, "RILEY!"  She is the older sister of a friend from his spring baseball team.  She made a lasting impression on him.  This sweet girl made time in her busy schedule to come to my 5-year old's birthday party.  Thank you, Riley!

He also wanted a balloon cake from Costco.  How can you say no to that?

And he was only slightly irritated that his brother helped him blow out the candles.

Before the party, I dragged the birthday boy outside to take some birthday photos.

He's at the peak of his fake smiles.

Unless I get him laughing.

Or tell him to act goofy.

Then it gets just a little better.

Jopie, it seems like just yesterday you were born, the best baby there ever was.  That perfect (he really was a perfect baby, no exaggeration) baby has turned into a sweet-hearted, fun, and lively member of our family.  I'm always a little sad to let 4 go.  There's not much baby in him now.  The years, they are flying by.

Happy Birthday, Jopie!  Love you.


Anonymous said...

What a sweetie that Jopie is! Happy Birthday!

(BTW, the other day John worked with a customer service rep named Jopie. He sounded more Indian than Texan. :))

We agonized on your behalf after the World Series. It was a sad day in America.

Anonymous said...

Oops, that was Anne Shaw. :)

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe he is five!!!!! Wow! So wonderful! I hope you guys had an amazing time!

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe he is five!!!!! Wow! So wonderful! I hope you guys had an amazing time!

Krista Sanders said...

This precious boy. And yes, I witnessed many times the PERFECT baby. I have always thought the same thing about the color on their mouths too but now that I see yours, I think it is VERY cute-- very telling of the day.

I love this kid.

nikki said...

yes, he was the perfect baby, which only highlighted how mine, that same age, was not. :)

Summer said...

Happy Birthday sweet buddy!

Jennifer said...

Just stumbled onto your happy to have found it.

You have a beautiful family! :-)

Darcie said...

why do they grow so fast? so weird