Friday, January 4, 2013

Ordinary December Days

Our December days were slow and warm (until just before Christmas).  We weren't doing school, so there was lots of time for enjoying the season.

 Our sweet neighbors gave us tickets to Bass Hall.  We had a wonderful afternoon of Christmas music.
And then walked around downtown to see the big tree and take a few pictures of the boys in their non-athletic clothing.  Don't they look handsome?  

The boys played outside a lot.  I love how they make up little games to play.  I think this game was created after they watched some kind of horse movie. 

Unfortunately, those bright yellow shorts are the ones that Nathan wants to wear EVERY DAY.  Gone are the days where he doesn't care what he has on,

This car has been a favorite of all of our boys, found on the side of the road when all the boys were babies.  Cry Cry love it so much.

Sweet friends over to decorate cookies.  These two guys are both the youngest of a family of all boys :)

Asher threw Samuel's little ishuffle up in the tree.  See it.... it's blue and shiny :)  The boys spent nearly an hour throwing random objects up toward the tree, attempting to get it down.  It was up there for a couple of days before Daddy got it with a tall ladder and a broom.


Elma said...

Wow!!love your yard!! What a nice space for the boys:) Don't you just love watching them play?? So much better than sitting in front of the t.v.

Krista Sanders said...

Now - here's the post we all want to read-- WHY did Asher throw Samuel's ishuffle in the tree?!?