Sunday, January 13, 2013


I'm going to finish these house posts.  Really.  I'm almost done.

Next up is counters.  If I remember correctly, counters were one of our easiest decisions.
We wanted to stay with historical materials.  And I wanted them to be timeless, because I didn't want to hate them in 5 years.  That narrowed down our choices considerably, making the decision-making easier.
So they came in the back of a pick-up truck.

Here they are:  Carrara, granite, and soapstone.

They cut them in our living room.

Measure twice, cut once :)
I wondered if they were nervous cutting such expensive stuff.  But they seemed just fine with it.

Soapstone in the kitchen.

Granite in the boy's bathroom, the color of toothpaste remnant.  How do they get so much toothpaste on the counter?  Seriously.

Carrara marble in the rest of the bathrooms.

Butcher block for the island.  Butcher block is one of the only materials that comes long enough to fit our island without having a seam.  So this choice was made for us.

Tile up next.


Jen said...

fun, fun! it looks great...wish i would have done some butcher block, but love my soapstone!

Sarah said...

SO have my dream kitchen! Hope you are doing well...thinking of you.

Elma said...

Wow so beautiful!! So are these counter tops easy to keep clean?? Love your kitchen!!!

Krista Sanders said...

Now if you'll just make my decisions for me. ; ) Your house is GREAT!!

Robbie Marinero said...

Nice pick! I totally adore the color of the granite countertop in the boy’s bathroom. It looks timeless, just like what you wanted. It’s a beautiful contrast against the white cabinets and walls. Good job! ->Robbie Marinero

Amber Lynch said...

Hi! What is the length of your kitchen. Are house plans are nearly finalized but love your kitchen layout!