Friday, January 18, 2013

Five on the 5th {2012}

Here you have it... all five of them in a photo every month of this year.
Any ideas on what to do with this collage?  I'm lacking inspiration these days.

I'm so very happy to have these pictures.  I wish I would have started it sooner.  Whenever I look back at my photo albums, I wish I had more pictures of them all together and more with me in them.  I'm going to try to get out from behind the camera a little more this year.  I'm a part of this family too, right? :)

Happy Friday!


Juliana Whisman said...

I LOVE this!!! What amazing brother pics!

Elma said...

Beautiful!! Such memories:0)

Angie said...

Love seeing all the photos together! Great job taking them all! I make a monthly desk calendar each year from Shutterfly that I put at the counter where we eat breakfast. The kids love looking at each month's photos:) Or, these pins are also good ideas of what to do with your beautiful five on the 5th memories.

TJ Wilson said...

sarah!! love this! makes me want to do 4 on 4th. but then I'd have to get organized... and i love your "mommy" pics - great to see the author of the blog every once in a while. great, great pics.