Thursday, January 10, 2013

Christmas 2012 {Part One}

After I finished all my shopping on Christmas Eve at about 5:00, we had a wonderfully relaxed Christmas.

This is my cart at the Target.  Okay, the plaid bowl is for me.  Isn't it lovely?  I sort of have a thing for plaid.

Since the boys already had lots of PJ's, I stole this idea from my friend, Sara from August Fields.  I made them t-shirts to go with the pajama pants we already had.  The shirts are in their color (they each have an assigned color for school and organizational purposes) and the numbers are for their birth order.  The shirts ended up being $3 each including the iron-on numbers.  Thanks, Sara, for the inspiration.  The boys really liked them.  (And they still wear them with pride; it's pretty cute).
We opened the shirts Christmas Eve and sent them off to bed.  We had lots of work to do.

Like watch Elf, and wrap all of our presents.  I think some drinking Coke out of a holiday can might have been involved too :)  Such happy things.

Oh, and checked in to see where Santa was before we tucked them in.

Christmas morning.

Stole this next idea from Emily at Anderson Crew.  They each had a wrapping paper.  So when they came downstairs, they didn't which present was theirs because they weren't labeled.  It was fun to watch the suspense.

The stockings are from Santa.  They got fun and practical stuff.  Towels in their color, gift cards for their favorite treat, Chick Fil A calendars, candy, gum, etc.  The stockings are my favorite part to shop for.

Samuel takes after his mother and loves him a Starbucks gift card.

On Christmas morning, we put cereal boxes in the tree.  I love this tradition because I don't have to make breakfast.  And the kids just love it.  They love it more than a big breakfast.

What's not to love about 2 little cute boxes of sugar?

And a side of gummy bears.

Me and Cry Cry bonding at our leisurely breakfast.

We passed out the wrapping paper pieces.  

One more pic in our Christmas jammies before we open the gifts.

 We still do something you want, need, play with and read for the boys.
Graham and Nathan share a room.  These pillows are for their bed.  This was part of their need gift.
I thought they were wolves.  The kids think their foxes.  What is your vote?

Something to read.

His read.

And his.  

His want... a voice recorder.  

Happy Joseph.

I love these Lego sets.

This is probably the last year he'll want a truck for Christmas.  Sniff.  I love that he still wanted one.
He REALLY wanted this garbage truck that we saw while shopping for toys for Joseph and Nathan.

Playing away.

Can you see outside that something magical is happening on Christmas Day?  

We'll talk about that tomorrow :)


Teresa said...

Looks like a wonderful Christmas. One day, you'll have to do a picture tour of the house, because I'm super curious! I'm always checking the background of your pictures to catch another glimpse of the house :)

Elma said...

Love the boys with the number shirts!! They are all so adorable!!
My boys LOVE lego to:) Have you bought any magna tiles? My 10 and 8 year olds can play for hours and hours with those!!

Krista Sanders said...

Wow wow wow--- I've got to pick up my camera more these days. My favorite shot is the one from the stairs. You need to do that every year-- and watch your family room shrink! ; ) Love all the traditions, Sarah. You pulled it all off beautifully!!
{I want those Legos for myself!}