Sunday, December 1, 2013

A Weekend Away {way too many pictures of our trip to austin}

We went to Austin last month to see some family friends.  Here are some pics from our weekend...
We stopped at Rudy's in Waco on the way.  I'd never been, and it was delicious.  All of our kiddos loved it too... bonus.

It's a great place to bring boys.  There's t.v.s everywhere with a game playing on each one.  

We arrived and the fun started right away.  That's a lot of kids at the counter.

Church on Sunday morning.  I forgot to bring Graham church clothes.  Oops.

Lunch at P.T. Terry's.  It's like In-N-Out, but better.  The weather was perfect to sit outside.

We checked out a furniture store.

Baby Moses has moved up in the ranks as my boy's favorite baby.  Yes, they do have a list that changes almost daily.

After a cello recital (that we missed out on because we were lost), we went to a local park and hiked.

Could this boy be any cuter?

This park was known for its' peacocks.  They were everywhere.

Peacock photo bomb.

This is what four adults and nine children looks like.

And just one more before these kids grow up way too fast.

On the way out of Austin, we stopped by Town Lake.  It's so great that they have this kind of nature stuff to do in the heart of the city.

On the way out, we made our way through Baylor.  We walked around the campus and Daddy got to tell us his story of "not so long ago."  

We haven't had a weekend away since the start of baseball season.  As much as I'm sad about not having toddlers or babies anymore, I won't lie.  Traveling is a cinch without one.  We just picked up and went and then came home.  There was some bickering in the car, but nothing a DVD player doesn't fix!

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