Monday, December 16, 2013

Lunch at Sundance Square

This was written pre-"Fort Worth Ice Blast."

It's hard to believe that we were doing this yesterday as I sit here right now watching Sound of Music Live with the boys near our roaring fire while there is a winter storm brewing outside.  It was 80 degrees and so we decided to go have lunch with Chris and see the Christmas festivities while it was warm.  We packed a lunch and headed downtown.

We're loving the new and improved Sundance Square.

This is where I told Graham to smile.  

But it wasn't quite working.  I think it's an almost 12 year-old thing.

The inability to be serious.

Or being overly serious.

Or looking kinda rebellious.
Needless to say, I find that whole sequence funny.

They have fountains that are fun to run around in.  I love that in Texas, we can run around in them in December.

It's so very fun.

These are days that I'm glad we home school.  We can lessen the load on a pretty day, and do things that kids are meant to do... like run in fountains and have lunch with their father :)

And one last smile in front of Christmas trees.

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