Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A Little Christmas Crafting {Snow Globes}

 We've begun our Christmas crafting.  I've picked out three crafts and three new Christmas cookies to try out this holiday season.  Our holiday has been interrupted with lots of flu, so I've yet to accomplish any master Christmas plan.  We're living day by day.  I'm hoping we're over the worst.  I'm glad I went shopping for my crafty things before the rush of the season.  So yesterday we pulled out our supplies and whipped this one out.  
The supplies are easy... ball jars (or really any kind of old jar), miniature trees (bought from the dollhouse section at Hobby Lobby), snow flakes, and a glue gun.

You glue the lid together, and then glue the tree to the bottom of the lid.

Even little hands can do this.

He still likes his perch :)

So proud of his creation.

It's so pretty anywhere you set in your home.  And I think it would make a great gift too :)

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