Wednesday, November 27, 2013


I'm thankful for many things this Thanksgiving Eve.  Most of our family was sick last week.  It was an awful week.  We had to miss a lot of fun events that had been on the calendar for months.  Putting these disappointments in perspective in the mind of little ones is sometimes hard.  I want to be sympathetic, but on the other hand, want them to realize that the world has very large problems and not being able to go to a pizza party isn't one of them.  We've been reading The Hiding Place for history.  It's taken us months to get through, partially because we lost it for awhile.  Corrie is in prison now, and she's thinking about what she should have packed in her prison bag.  Things like aspirin, (because she's been feverish for weeks) soap, needle and thread, and a toothbrush are on that list.  The joy when she receives a little package from her sister filled with tiny gifts that are colorful is enough to make you cry... she hasn't seen color for months.  She's in a miserable situation, but the Lord is forever faithful and teaches her about Himself amidst this time of suffering for her.  She never doubts Him.  Corrie clings to her Savior.

History is good for perspective.  Even for me.  I was sick, on my birthday, and missed lots of fun holiday events myself.  I had to check my own heart.

It's made this week sweet and wonderful, as I sit here, able to drink my coffee (I always know I'm really sick when I don't want coffee!) and enjoy things like my body NOT aching, having energy to do the things I want to do, and savor foods that God is so good to give.

Here are some snippets, mostly from Instagram, of our last weeks.  There is much to be grateful for in these pictures.
My bedstand, after I cleaned out all the dirty tissues and crumbs :)  Thanks to Chris for making it pretty with the flowers!

My sickie buddy.  We were the sickest, and logged in the most time on Netflix.

For fever reducers.  You know it's sad when you have to start writing it down.  I'm not sure what this demonstrates... too many sick kids or a mother whose mind is slowly getting older ;)

Wildflowers/weeds from Nathan brought to me in bed.

Baylors beat Tech at the Cowboy's Stadium!

The new and improved downtown Fort Worth!

He easily outruns me now.  This was him looking back at me for most of the run, making sure that I was coming.

The sick ones stayed back from the Baylor/OSU game.

I was grateful to be by the warm fire.  This is how the other half looked.  Brr.

The first Christmas cookie of the season.

Gobbled up by the warm fire outside.

Mornings this week.  We aren't usually all in one room, but we were this morning, and it was sweet.

Done with morning school early and enjoying some quiet playtime.  I was marveling at how long this lasted.  There were YEARS that I felt like I couldn't leave the room for more than five minutes.  It's different now and I love that they are friends.  They still fight all the time, but have lots of good moments too.

I'm grateful for these days and these moments and all these boys in my life. 

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Angel said...

Glad you are feeling better. Happy Birthday Sarah!

Krista Sanders said...

So glad you all are better. Your fever reducer notes-- Smart. Not old. Smart. Graham really does look sick in the stay at home pic-- poor guy. Love the pictures-- and the Hiding Place perspective. Oh-- and you and Chris are starting to look alike. ; )