Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween 2013 {and some reminiscing}

Don't hate me, but Halloween is not my most favorite holiday.  In fact (don't hate me for this either), I usually begin listening to Christmas music the day after Halloween.  Anyway, I did the, "Hey kids, it's 4:30 and it's about time you thought about your costume because we have to go in about an hour."  Not the mom of the year, but you still get candy out of the whole deal so it's all good. 

Asher came up with this.  I can't remember who he said he was, but someone from the Red Sox.  
Graham was a Texas Tech Red Raider, Samuel was Joe Mauer (maybe for the 5th year in a row), Jopie put on his batman sweatshirt, and Nathan was a Wolverine.  I didn't even take a picture of them together because their costumes were a little underwhelming.  

What I do love about Halloween is that it's a great excuse to get together with friends.

These kids have known each other since they were babies.  And it's strange that some of them are old enough to be (almost) too old for Halloween.  How did that happen so quickly??
We went to a one friend's house, had some delicious chili, and the kids passed out candy until we ran out of candy.  Then we walked over to another friend's house and handed out candy until we ran out over there.  I think we figured out that we gave candy to about 1,200 trick or treaters in just over an hour.  It was only slightly chaotic.

Then there was the trading of candy.

This is the best part of Halloween, dumping it all out onto the table, and beginning the candy auction.

In the end, Samuel got to pass out some candy.  He'd only asked me about 25 times this week if he could hand out candy, so I'm glad he had the chance to do it.

He was so happy.

And just for a little history...
Me and Cry Cry, when he was only a month old trick or treating on Grand Avenue in St. Paul.

When they were all little.  And notice how Cry Cry is crying.
How cute are Mary and Elsa in their Little House on the Prairie costumes?

A year later.

Now I have to go and cry just a little bit ;)


Hope Helms said...

What a fun post! Loved the family pictures especially.

Sarah said...

So cute! I love the nickname cry cry...I've had a few of those. And then I love how one year later he is smiling so wide...what a difference a year makes!

Krista Sanders said...

Walking down memory lane with you tonight…..
Love my kids got to be with all you guys Halloween-- share the same affection for it, girl.