Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Excessive Birthday Cuteness

I just love this set of pictures.  Watching Nathan open his presents this year was, well, I can't even think of the appropriate word... maybe a mixture of cute and fun and lively and joyful and magical all wrapped into one.
Here he got his beloved Spiderman coat that he loves so much now that he cries when it's dirty.

 The rest of these photos will speak for themselves.  But oh my goodness, their sweet faces full of joy.  I love it all.  But especially how happy everyone else was for Nathan.  And how giddy he was over it all.

You have to love the excitement!

His big present from Grandma and Grandpa.  They came and surprised him for his big day.  They drove all the way from Minnesota to be with him on his birthday.  That's true love.

Stay tuned tomorrow for party details.

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Krista Sanders said...

I see a lot a sweet brotherly love in these. And yes, his excitement is all over the pictures.