Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Things I Want to Remember

The weather made a turn for the better here in Texas about a month ago.  There's that glorious morning when you wake up, step outside and you are NOT hit like a freight train with heat.  It's an exciting development for me because it means the boys use our backyard again.  We don't have a whole lot of shade so it's hard to play outside much in the summer.  

The boys decided they were going to sleep outside and started getting everything all set up.  They did everything by themselves with only a little bit of arguing.
I hope they camp together for years to come.  I love camping, but it's been hard to do it as a family much because of having little kids.  So this practicing in the backyard is good for them.

Graham was testing out his camping stove.

Jopie was randomly using this tool (what is it called?  a big hammer?).

He smiles pretty much all the time, just like this.  No matter what he's doing.

Nathan, like usual, was the captain of fun.

With crazy hair.

I bet you never knew you could have so much fun with just one green ball.  Thank you, Schefflers, for the super fun birthday present!

Graham was in charge of dinner.  He made some stellar ramen soup.

The boys bonded, spent some good time outside, and we didn't spend a dime, well, besides 24 cents for each pack of ramen.

These are the nights I want to remember.  I love a quiet evening at home when it's just us.  And when it happens to be peaceful, it's an added bonus.  These days are slipping by so quickly.  Sweet Graham is almost 12, and it was just yesterday that we welcomed him into the world.  Now he's making dinner for his little brothers.  Soon we'll talk about driving and colleges and what he wants to do with his life.  I felt more confident when he was a baby.  I was an expert at keeping him fed and changing his diaper.  These next years in our family will have so many challenges.  I'm trying hard not to get ahead of myself, but the very thought of it makes me savor simple nights like this one.


Rebecca Thomas said...

That looks like one of the funnest nights ever! Hope to see you all soon!!

Chris said...

Love that G is "camping" in his buttoned-up (all the way) Polo.

Krista Sanders said...

I love everything about this post. Everything.