Thursday, October 31, 2013

A Fun Snack

You've probably seen this one floating around Pinterest.  That's where I saw it.  I had picked up a big 'ole box of Ritz crackers at Costco.  I usually buy the healthier crackers or just Saltines, but I think I was hungry when I went shopping so I came back with the jumbo box of Ritz.  
Well, since we already had the crackers I picked up some Rolos at the store.  And Graham and Nathan helped me make this very easy snack.  

First you unwrap the Rolos.  Then you place them on the cracker.

Then you smile big in your Wolverine costume.  

Then you put them in an oven (350 degrees) for about three or four minutes.

Then you take them out and smash another cracker on top.

Everyone loved them.

He gave it a thumbs up.

He thought they were pretty good too.

Hope everyone has a safe and fun Halloween!


Angel said...

Oh, I adore Graham's shirt! I hope you have it in more sizes as he grows. ;)

Blairish said... kids think you have the greatest blog ever. Saw today's post and happened to go to the grocery store and just happened to pick up a pack of Ritz and just happened to find some Rolos in my cart too. They're being gobbled down right now. Thanks for the fun cooking activity that even my 2 year old and 18 month kiddos can participate in.

Sarah said...

Yes! Angel, I do have one a size bigger... it's his favorite shirt and I bought it two years ago. I'm glad I grabbed two. Blair, so glad you liked them! You're a fun mom!

Krista Sanders said...

Whoa. Will try. Yum.