Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Tervis Cups for the Win!

Ever since we've (sadly) beyond sippy cups, we go through a million water glasses a day.  Usually the top of my dishwasher was filled with them.  I thought about using color coding for water glasses, but with those little kids' Ikea cups we were using, there's purple and pink and I know not any of my boys would be thrilled if that was the color they were assigned.  So I never did, and we used lots of water glasses.  And that was that.

But then on our vacation, we stumbled upon a Tervis store at the Mall of America.  There was something for everyone in there and I ended up letting the boys pick out there own cup, in hopes that they might solve our water glass problem. 

Our island is butcher block so while it's water resistant, it's not water proof.  It's best not to leave a regular glass on it for a long period of time, because it will leave a water mark.  That's another benefit of Tervis cups; they don't make condensation on the outside of the glass.  So no ring marks on my counter... or coffee table or where ever else they decide their cup.

A typical lunch :)  It's louder than it appears.

It was fun to let them pick what they wanted on their cups.  Some knew exactly what they wanted.  Others had to comb through every cup in the store and changed their mind multiple times.

Superman for this one.  Easy choice because he thinks he IS Superman.

Also, another easy pick.  Rangers all the way!

Joseph had a harder time.  There isn't just one thing that defines him.  He waffled over several cups but in the end decided on one that had a cool bear on the front and said Minnesota on the back.  He wanted it to be a reminder of our vacation in Minnesota.

Another easy choice.  He's been a Twins fan since we lived in Minnesota.

Graham went back and forth a little, but decided that he's a Republican and he's sticking to it!

And just for the info... I do have rules because the cups were a bit of an investment.  They aren't allowed to leave the house.  We don't even take them in the car.  They MUST stay in the house! I'm a very mean mom, can you tell? ;)


Rebecca Thomas said...

We love Tervis Tumblers! We have two big ones and four small ones but none that size. Ours all Have the BU for Baylor on them :)

Sarah said...

Chris has a Baylor one :)

Niki said...

I love our Tervis cups as well! There is a Tervis store at The Landing, if you need to replace a lid or something next time you are here.