Thursday, October 10, 2013

Family Vacation {The Minnesota Part, Final Edition}

This whole post proves that grandparents are more fun than parents.  All year long my mom buys random things at CVS and Walgreens for my kids to enjoy when they come.  Ask her and she'll tell you about her love for those two stores.  She for sure takes advantage of whatever rebate/coupon/points systems they have.  Her shelves are full of random Walgreens and CVS finds.  Case in point... water balloons.  She has hundreds of them.  And she also has the patience to sit out on the driveway for over an hour and fill them.  I do not have the patience, just for the record.  And also, for the record, water balloon fights never end well in our family.  It's all fun and games until it's not all fun and games.  If only boys weren't super competitive and didn't think they were competing in the water balloon olympics or something.

My mom joined in at her own risk.

Notice here that Nathan is not enjoying the fun and games. 

And he really didn't like it when I wanted to take a picture of him not enjoying it.  I think these tears were shed because his balloons all broke on the ground and not on the person he threw them at.... DRAMA!

Then Grandpa came home and made everything better.

You have to love this kind of homecoming.

This was a different day.  With the cousins.
Team One

Team two

And here's where I had to put my camera down to be the mom because more drama was happening.  But the pictures look fun, don't they?

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