Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Fall Snack Mix

These colder temps this last week have been delightful, haven't they?  I went to WalMarts this weekend to get some fallish things for a church party we were having at our house.  They were OUT of apple cider.  Can you believe it?  The nerve of being out of something in America ;)  I love how everyone has the same idea.  Apparently colder temps = apple cider.
I did buy a lot of fun processed foods to throw together into a snack mix to have out as an appetizer/snack for the party.  We were having over people of all different ages, so I thought there should be something in it for everyone.  Please excuse the popcorn in this picture.  It's not in the snack mix.  I used it to make kettle corn.  It's a yummy fall snack as well.  I took this picture before I made the kettle corn so imagine the table with a big bowlful of kettle corn on it as well!

Little cute pumpkins compliments of WalMarts.

So next time you have a party, whip yourself up some snack mix.  It's easy and fun and you don't have to cook anything.  And sometimes, I simply don't have the time to get my house picked up and cook something. 

The End :)


Molly said...

such a good and easy idea. we do cold lunch and sometimes we just need something different. A fun snack mix like this would do the trick!

Teresa said...

Honey Combs are a must have in any snack mix since I lived with you. Sometimes people think it's a weird addition, but I think it's AMAZING! :)

AmyMak said...

Fabulous long table - I love it. And yes, it is unAmerican to run out of apple cider!