Monday, March 4, 2013

Driveways and Grass {Building Our Home}

Lots of things were happening outside too.

Lots of long, hot mornings spent at the worksite for the boys.

But at least they had entertaining things to watch.

Salt put on the wet concrete.

Pretty cool to have a cement truck in our back yard.

More handprints.  This time we did a better job.

 Next up was the landscaping, starting with grass.

One morning, huge piles of sod were lying around our lot.

It was nice to see the lot all cleared again.  

And then there was grass.

Next up is exterior paint and floor stain.


nikko said...

Hi Sarah! My name is Kriste. I also have five boys and homeschool and live in the same town as you. I'm having a lot of fun reading your blog. Hope that doesn't sound too stalker-ish. Your new home is gorgeous! I keep trying to figure out what neighborhood you are in. So many pretty trees! Your lot looks so nice!

Elma said...

Oh your yard will be amazing!!!

premier paving said...

How did your finished driveway turn out?

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