Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Two Months of Grandma and Grandpa

My parents did a bit of snow birding this winter.  Let's see... winter in Minnesota or winter in Texas?  Which would you choose?  They lived with us, in our guest room.  They were easy and fun and all that other good stuff.  The kids especially loved it.  Being one of five isn't all happiness and flowers.  I'm know there's things they miss out on.  They don't get as much one-on-one time as they would if they only had one sibling.  They don't get to choose what restaurant they go to very often (there's only a few that we can eat at affordably when we're all together).  My parents were able to provide lots of individual attention.  They got lunches out.  They were brought on many errands and walks.  They got to cook with my mom.  They got to hang out with Grandpa on the back porch as he smoked a cigar.  The fun never stops with them.

One of the things they did was make these boxes during home school "shop."  The boxes fit into their closet shelving so they can store their important stuff away from their brothers :)

My dad taught them to make the box and my mom taught them to stain.

Staining is long process, but they did all the coats themselves.

Asher wanted to pose with his box.

My mom was the one to get Joseph to read his very first word.  He was so excited, he hugged her.

They got a night with Papa.  What a treat to have so many grandparents in one room.

They were read to (which seems to be a good time to clean out your nose).

We watched ALL three season of Downton Abbey.  All the way to the bitter (I don't want to talk about it) end.

And when they left, it was sad.  Two of those boys were crying.

And Grandma found this note in their car.  It says, "Dear joyce and rich.  I'm sad you are gowing but hope to see you love you.  love samuel"

Sweet boy.
It was a sweet visit.

Let's do it again next winter.


Krista Sanders said...

Oh my goodness. Sweet Samuel.... Wow.
Love the nose picture. Hilarious.

TJ Wilson said...

SUCH a sweet time - love that you have the space for them so you're all right there together. Just wish I had more time with them - next time!